Cemetery Sunday 2023 - No video available this year due to audio and sound issues.

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Graveyard observations

The oldest recorded date in the 'old' graveyard is James Hevrin 1805 The oldest recorded date in the 'new' graveyard is Bernard MacErlain 1875

The Bernard MacErlain headstone is not in a photograph taken in the early 1920s although it might have replaced a smaller earlier version. The above information is subject to correction or update at any time.

Chapel photo above possibly early 1920s

Cemetery Sunday June 2022

Cemetery Sunday Lavey 2022 is now available on youtube - We had some minor sound and picture problems and rain, thunder and lightening but the day passed off very successfully.

Cemetery Sunday 2022 Youtube Video

Cemetery Sunday June 2019.



Cemetery Sunday 2018 Video.




Cemetery Sunday 2017

Cemetery Sunday 2016 - Mass inside due to rain


Cemetery Sunday 212

Cemetery Sunday 2001 AD 57k jpg file

Some of the Parishioners who volunteered in years gone by, to clean and prepare the Parish graveyards and grounds, for Cemetery Sunday. The young gentleman sits astride a memorial stone erected by the late Fr Regan PP who did so much to restore the two graveyards.

Cemetery Sunday Workers June 1999.



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