The Parochial House Lavey

The Parochilal House 2001

Parochial House 1916

The Parochial house was built between 1916 and 1918. The above photo was taken at the time and the building has not changed much over the years.

Here is a similar copy from a postcard

View from Chapel roof at cross

The above photographs were taken in the 1980s. The chimneys were apparently built up by the late Fr Maguire PP in an attempt to improve the draught for the internal fireplaces. These huge chimneys have now been replaced.

Workers on the roof of the Parochial House in the 1990s taking a break from repairs.

History of the Parochial House Lavey Co Derry.

Farrell Document scan

These two old documents are copies from the Registrar of Deeds in Dublin, Ireland.

In August 1906 Felix Mulholland of Mayogall purchased from William Farrell, New York, a farm and buildings in Mayogall, being in the Parish of Maghera, Barony of Loughinsholin and County of Londonderry. William Farrell was the administrator of the Estate of Patrick and Bernard Farrell of Mayogall, both deceased. The land amounted to nine acres, two roods and twenty perches statue measure thereabouts. The price was �250 and subject to a yearly rent of five pounds and seven shillings as a tenancy under Julies Casement Esquire.

Thomas Larkin was the lawfully appointed Attorney.
Robert McGuckin Solicitor, Magherafelt, was a witness.
Thomas Kilpatrick Law Clerk, Ballymena, was also a witness.

On the 12th December 1906 Felix Mulholland assigned two acres, two roods and 36 perches statue measure or thereabouts of the deceased Patrick Farrell's farm, to the Roman Catholic Congregation of the Parish of Lavey Co Derry. The Trustees mentioned in the deed were the Reverend Peter O'Kane of Gulladuff, the Reverend Matthew Convery of Coleraine and the Most Reverend John Keys O'Doherty, Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Derry. This land lay opposite the Roman Catholic Church by the side of the County road leading from Gulladuff to Portglenone.

R W McGuckin, Solicitor Magherafelt, was a witness.
Henry Thompson, Law Clerk, Magherafelt, was also a witness.

It is believed that the present Parochial House is now built on that land




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