Anniversaries October - (List only uses names with recorded or known dates.)

Submit as usual your traditional anniversary requests for Sunday Mass as they occur.

Name Date Graveyard
AVERALL PADDY 09/10/1998 New Graveyard
BIRT EDWARD 29/10/1933 New Graveyard
BIRT MARGARET 3/10/1871 Old Graveyard
BIRT MARY 25/10/1931 New Graveyard
BOYLE ANTHONY 25/10/1932  
BOYLE ARTHUR 22/10/1902 Old Graveyard
BOYLE DAN 24/10/1994 New Graveyard
BOYLE DR D J 01/10/1906 Old Graveyard
BOYLE JOHN 20/10/1914 Old Graveyard
BOYLE JOHN 30/10/1922 Old Graveyard
BOYLE JOHN F 19/10/1961 Old Graveyard
BRADLEY JOHN 15/10/1954  
BRADLEY PAT 14/10/1883  
BRADLEY PATRICK 14/10/1823 Old Graveyard
BRENNAN EDWARD JOSEPH 26/10/1903 New Graveyard
BRENNAN MRS 1/10/1888  
BRENNAN TOMMY 27/10/2011 New Graveyard
CARMICHAEL JIM 10/10/1996 Old Graveyard
CARMICHAEL KATHLEEN 09/10/2007 New Graveyard
CARMICHAEL MARY 22/10/1960 New Graveyard
CARMICHAEL SARA 11/10/1944  
CONVERY BRIDGET 09/10/2014 New Graveyard
CONVERY DAN 20/10/1951 New Graveyard
CONVERY MARY 27/10/1848 Old Graveyard
CONVERY MICHAEL 22/10/1846 Old Graveyard
CONVERY MICHAEL PATRICK 16/10/2012 New Graveyard
CONVERY MRS ANNE 5/10/1886  
CONVERY NANCY 23/10/1995 New Graveyard
CONVERY PATRICK 31/10/1941 New Graveyard
CONVERY PATRICK HUGH 30/10/1962 New Graveyard
CONVERY SARAH 12/10/1873 Old Graveyard
CRILLY MISS 29/10/1934  
DEVLIN CATHERINE (CASSIE) 30/10/1970 New Graveyard
DEVLIN THOMAS 15/10/1967 New Graveyard
DIAMOND CHARLES 12/10/1968  
DIAMOND MARGARET 08/10/1928 New Graveyard
DILLON MICHAEL P 01/10/1935 Old Graveyard
DINNEN JAMES STAFFORD 13/10/1888 New Graveyard
DOHERTY ALICE 21/10/1954  
DOHERTY WILLIAM 03/10/1959 New Graveyard
DONELY MARY 27/10/1847 Old Graveyard
DONNELLY EDWARD 29/10/1882  
DONNELLY ELIZABETH 18/10/1905 New Graveyard
DORRITY SADIE 13/10/1998 New Graveyard
DOWNEY ANNIE 12/10/2000 New Graveyard
DOWNEY HESSIE 13/10/1951  
DUFFY PATRICIA 24/10/2022 New Graveyard
ELWEE?? MARY 29/10/1880  
FARRELL JOHN 23/10/1955  
GILMORE ROSE 14/10/1880  
GRANT JAMES 05/10/1958 New Graveyard
HAMILL DANIEL (Donard) 31/10/2002 Old Graveyard
HAVERIN HENRY 2/10/1812 Old Graveyard
HAVERIN MARIA 29/10/1872 Old Graveyard
HENRY HUGH 17/10/1965 Old Graveyard
HENRY MARGARET 11/10/1906 Old Graveyard
HENRY MICHAEL JOSEPH 15/10/1976 Old Graveyard
HENRY PETER 01/10/2004 New Graveyard
HENRY THOMAS PETER 20/10/2017 New Graveyard
HUGHES ANNIE 11/10/1911 New Graveyard
HUGHES JIM 17/10/1996 New Graveyard
KANE MARY A 25/10/1944  
KEARNEY MARY 01/10/1919 Old Graveyard
KELLY HUGH 09/10/1966 New Graveyard
KELLY JOSEPHINE 29/10/1997 New Graveyard
KELLY PATRICK JOSEPH (PATSY) 13/10/2022 New Graveyard
KELLY ROSE ANN 23/10/1968 New Graveyard
KELLY SARAH JANE 02/10/1993 New Graveyard
LAGAN COLM 17/10/2018 New Graveyard
LAGAN/LOGAN MARY 04/10/1959  
MACERLEAN MARY KATHLEEN 14/10/1929 New Graveyard
MAGEE BRIGID 20/10/1935  
MAGEE CATHERINE 10/10/1997 New Graveyard
MAGUIRE HUGH 11/10/1956 New Graveyard
MAGUIRE MARY 18/10/1957 New Graveyard
MALLON MARGARET 9/10/1826 Old Graveyard
MAWN MRS 21/10/1887  
McALAREY TERESA 8/10/1879 Old Graveyard
McALARY DANIEL 07/10/1950  
McATAMNEY ARTHUR 04/10/1979 New Graveyard
McATAMNEY EDWARD 22/10/1975 Old Graveyard
McATAMNEY JIM 14/10/2006 New Graveyard
McATAMNEY PATRICK 26/10/1961  
McCANN ANNIE 30/10/1996 New Graveyard
McCANN CHARLES 10/10/1896 New Graveyard
McCANN HUGH 11/10/1956 New Graveyard
McCANN JOHN 04/10/1952 New Graveyard
McCANN MARY 6/10/1895 New Graveyard
McCANN MARY 18/10/1957 New Graveyard
McCANN MICHAEL 28/10/1880  
McCANN ROSE 31/10/1990 New Graveyard
McCLOY DAN 16/10/2001 Old Graveyard
McCLOY HUGH 23/10/1949 Old Graveyard
McCLOY HUGO 23/10/1949  
McCLOY JAMES 22/10/2007 Old Graveyard
McCORRY ROSE ANN 09/10/1975 New Graveyard
McCREANOR BERNARD 03/10/1909 Old Graveyard
McCRYSTAL BRIDGET 08/10/1909 New Graveyard
McCRYSTAL THERESA 01/10/2000 New Graveyard
McDONALD ANN 09/10/1997 New Graveyard
McERLEAN BRIDGET 11/10/2010  
McERLEAN BRIGID 10/10/1960 New Graveyard
McERLEAN MICHAEL PATRICK 11/10/2003 New Graveyard
McGARVEY JOHN 15/10/1982 New Graveyard
McGARVEY MARK 15/10/1982 New Graveyard
McGILL CATHERINE 24/10/1944 New Graveyard
McGILL JAMES 03/10/1997 New Graveyard
McGILL PATRICK 24/10/1942  
McGILL SARAH 15/10/2014 New Graveyard
McGUCKIN DANIEL 16/10/1931  
McGURK CATHERINE 03/10/1968 New Graveyard
McGURK FRANK 31/10/1961 New Graveyard
McGURK MARY TERESA 11/10/1960 New Graveyard
McKENNA ANN 6/10/1806 Old Graveyard
McKENNA BERNARD 14/10/1971 New Graveyard
McKENNA CATHERINE 07/10/1977  
McKENNA JOHN 26/10/1906 New Graveyard
McKENNA MAGE 17/10/1809 Old Graveyard
McKENNA MARY 13/10/1940  
McKENNA MICHAEL 29/10/1984 New Graveyard
McKEONE FELIX 20/10/1887  
McKIGNEY DANIEL 12/10/1812 Old Graveyard
McLOY MRS 25/10/1886  
McNALLY NEIL 16/10/1996 Old Graveyard
McNALLY ROSE 07/10/2000 Old Graveyard
McNAMEE JOHN 28/10/1973 New Graveyard
McNAMEE JP 16/10/2008 New Graveyard
McNICHOLL BERNARD 13/10/1920 New Graveyard
McPEAKE JAMES 20/10/1954 New Graveyard
McPEAKE MICHAEL 16/10/1998 New Graveyard
McPEAKE MICHAEL 25/10/2006 Old Graveyard
McPEAKE PATRICK 16/10/2017 New Graveyard
McWILLIAMS NANCY 09/10/1929 Old Graveyard
MELLAN SARAH 10/10/1806 Old Graveyard
MILLIGAN HELENA 05/10/1952  
MOONEY JOSEPH 27/10/1957 New Graveyard
MORGAN JOHN 25/10/1871 Old Graveyard
MORGAN MARY JANE 09/10/1944 New Graveyard
MULHOLLAND NEIL JOSEPH 31/10/1961 New Graveyard
MULLAN ROSA 04/10/1947  
MURPHY HUGH 02/10/1991 New Graveyard
MURRAY FRANCIS 26/10/1821 Old Graveyard
O'KANE DANNY 07/10/1992 New Graveyard
O'KANE ELIZABETH 19/10/1957 New Graveyard
O'KANE PATRICK 08/10/1956  
O'KANE PJ 18/10/2022 Old Graveyard
O'NEILL ANTHONY JAMES 04/10/1987 Old Graveyard
O'NEILL DANIEL 19/10/1910 Old Graveyard
O'NEILL MARGARET 28/10/2021 Old Graveyard
O'NEILL MRS JAMES 29/10/1934  
O'NEILL PATRICK 20/10/1967 New Graveyard
O'NEILL ROSE 05/10/1910 New Graveyard
O'NEILL WILLIE 17/10/1996 New Graveyard
QUIGLEY BRIDGET 15/10/1940 New Graveyard
QUIGLEY WILLIAM 25/10/1931 New Graveyard
RIGGS BRIDGET 03/10/1922 New Graveyard
SCULLIN MURTY 26/10/1885  
SCULLION HUGH 08/10/1961 New Graveyard
SCULLION JIM 24/10/1981 New Graveyard
SHAW JOHN JOE 13/10/2002 New Graveyard
SHAW PEGGY 04/10/2009 New Graveyard
SPIERS PHILOMENA 22/10/2015 New Graveyard
TOHILL ANNA 07/10/1971  
TOHILL JOSEPH 02/10/1927 New Graveyard
TONER EDWARD 08/10/1922 New Graveyard
WALSH HENRY 20/10/1934 New Graveyard


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Beannacht De le hanmain na marbh

(God's blessing on the souls of the dead).

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