The Rev. James McLaughlin.

Rev J McLaughlin.

Father James McLaughlin was born in Creevy, Ardstraw West in 1823, and he was Ordained in Maynooth in 1853. After serving as Curate in several parishes throughout the Diocese, he was appointed Parish Priest of Lavey in 1871, in January 1880 he was transferred to Termonamongan in his native County Tyrone.There is a note in the Lavey Parish Records, written in his own hand before his departure.

"Having spent eight laborious years in Lavey expended during this time more than £3,000 sterling in the erection of a church and schools and left the parish without a single shilling in debt as a burden on my successor or the good and generous people who so nobly assisted me in my undertakings. I leave my blessing on the people and the parish."

January 26th 1880. J. McLaughlin. P.P.

Known amongst his fellow priests as "Historicus", he wrote a history of Inishowen and a pamphlet entitled "Brief Memoirs of the Bishops of Derry", published by Joseph Dollard, Dublin, 1879, he was, over many years an able contributor on historical subjects to the 'Derry Journal'.

He died at Termonamongan in February 1894.

Fr J McLaughlin's grave, Termonamongan
Termonamongan Church

Researched and written by James Moore, Dreenan .




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