The New Graveyard

The earliest recorded date in the 'new graveyard' belongs to a Margaret Magee, aged 38 who died on the 8th August 1868 and is recorded on a monument at the front of the chapel. However thi s may not be an actual burial plot. The earliest recorded date on a headstone belongs to a Bernard MacErlain who died on the 21st December 1875. The new chapel was built and dedicated in 1873. Most burials take place here and many new plots have become available and more accessible since the late Father Regan PP tidied and landscaped it in the 1980's. Using stones gathered from the ground and other sources, a dry stone wall was built in the 1980's by Fran and Mickey Magill along the Northeast side. The previous parish priests of the parish are all buried along the front of the chapel. The late Father Maguire PP is buried at the gable next the main road. In the late 50's early 60's he carried out a clearance of trees from around the graveyard. The work was carried out by Joe Rodgers of Ballinascreen. Fr Maguire also organised a major renovation of the chapel in 1960/61. During this time mass was said in Gulladuff hall. A stable building also existed at the lower end of the new graveyard, this was used by parishioners who came to church by horse and trap. This building fell into gradual disuse during the 1940/50's due to the increasing use of the motor vehicle . It was finally demolished and it's ground became part of the graveyard in the 1980's. A new wall was built by John Magill and a new gate was made at the lower corner. The cemetery also stills retains an entrance called 'the woman's gate'. However it is used by all. Old dry toilets also existed near the stables and they also disappeared when new facilities became available in the new sacristy built by the Lavertys in the 1970's. At one corner near the chapel exists a stone stile. From here an old winding path leads along a small stream to amongst other places, the Holy Year Cross.
The Chapel has now been extensively renovated again in 2018/2019 under PP Fr Eamon Graham. The major changes outside is a spire and inside an old altar and stations from the Loreto Convent Omagh.

Previous Parish Priests buried along the chapel are listed below

Name Died
Rev Peter O'Kane 10/01/1908
Rev Michael Bradley 19/11/1940
Rev Michael O'Neill 25/11/1942
Rev James Maguire 05/05/1992
Rev Patrick Regan 22/02/1989
Rev Seamus Lecky 14/09/1980
Rev James McGlynn 09/02/1958
Rev Brian O'Donnell 25/05/2021

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