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Baptisms during the Nineteenth Century

Lavey Parish Baptismal records for the nineteenth century are incomplete. Records began substantially in 1837 but gaps exist especially from 1840 to 1852, a period which covered the Great Irish Famine.
The recording and transcribing of baptismal data from the parish books to a modern computer system, began under the late Father Regan PP in the 1980s and then was completed in the 1990s under the guidance of Father O'Donnell PP
Some records in a very few instances appear to contain two or more names. This may indicate a multiple birth.
The clarity of the writing at times made transcription difficult and thus the list of names are reproduced as discerned by the computer operator at that time, Brian Clarke. Names punctuated with question marks indicate difficulties with legibility.
Please note that details and dates are under periodical review and are subject to correction at any time.

Click here to view the names of people baptised in Lavey during the Nineteenth Century

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