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August 2022

Downing Family history appeal.

Downing Dreenan Co Derry Ireland, Edward Downing 7.6.1855, Eliza Downing (nee Mc Mullan) 19.5.1896, Hessy 1838, Jane 1839, Robert 1841, John 1843, Ann 1845, Mary 1847, Mary Downing baptised 10 August 1847 emigrated to Australia and married Joseph Freitag. Robert Downing lived at house 7 in the townland of Dreenan with his widowed sister, Ann Farrell or O’Farrell.

Contact Parish Office if anyone can help.

Hello, I found a message from Hugh McCloy asking about his McCloy family on your noticeboard. I tried to send this message to Hugh today but it bounced back. It appears his email address has changed. Would you be able to place my message on your Lavey notice board please? My great grandparents Daniel McCloy and Bridget Darragh were married in your church in 1863. My other x2 great grandparents were McMullan and Kane also from your parish. Thank you, Carmel Lawrance from Australia

I'm looking for relatives in Ireland, my Great Great Grandparents Arthur Brennen [http://](1871-1911) and Margaret Brennen were married at St Mary's Lavey Parrish in June of 1897, my Great Grandmother Mary Brennen[http://](1898-1977) was Born and baptized in St Mary's shortly after. My last known area I have them living is Broagh, Rocktown County Derry in 1901, they left for America in 1904 aboard the Ship Columbia, and Settled in Philadelphia, I am hoping to find some Brennen Family still in this area to connect with.
Please email me at if you or someone you know maybe a family member.Thank you! -Bill O'Hara

Hello, I came across your email about finding more information on your McCloy family from Northern Ireland.  I had your email in my notes but it was re-discovered just recently. I was wondering if you found more information. My great grandfather was Daniel McCloy & his father, James. Daniel was born in Dreenan about 1836. He & his wife, Bridget nee Darragh, came to Australia in 1864. I've done a DNA test & match many descendants of James McCloy married to Martha McGuckian.  I believe your Hugh was their son.  In 1863 they baptised their daughter Martha.  Her sponsors appear to be my great grandparents just after they married at the same church in 1863.  Martha went on to marry Hugh McMullan. Daniel McCloy's mother was Bridget McMullan. So I believe your James & my Daniel were cousins probably on both sides - McCloy & McMullan. I'd love to hear how you went on your quest for more information. Regards, Carmel
McCloy.Seeking anyone with info about Jennie Ann McCloy who married John Lamont. She was born on the 15th of June, 1862.
Please email Lianne at
McCloy Hugh.I am trying very hard to find enough info to get my Grandfathers Birth Certificate.
In fact I would like to go to where my Grandfather was born to see it and experience 
And I would appreciate any help anyone can me in determining what facts I can about him and his family.I am trying along with my cousin  to get all this info to provide the best possible Information for a Family tree because none of the Grandchildren know very much if anything about this side of the family. I am of full Irish descent and this part is extremely vague.
Well he has 12 Grandchildren and many are very interested in knowing more about him. His great Grandchildren are 20 in number and counting.
 My Dad (John Francis McCloy) was very close to his father and unfortunately MY Dad died at 31 in 1954.
 I was only just 3 and his father died in 1947 at 54 years of age. So I learned very little about the McCloys or where they were from.This is what I know Grandpas name was the same as mine Hugh McCloy, not sure of middle name! Mine is Hugh Francis McCloy
I know that within a year or so he was born in 1893 in Derry, Ireland
I know he had a brother John and a brother James F as well. John stayed in Ireland, James F. came to America.
I am also fairly certain that he had a sister Margaret Mary (my mother is still alive & remembers that possibly there was  a half sister) this may or may not have been Margaret Mary).
Margaret Mary had written that she was from mayogall on her information from Ellis Island. Her age in the 1920 Census was 23 yrs of age (1888)
There may have another brother and possibly another sister.
There is also a cousin Mathilda McCloy in Philadelphia who was married to a James McMullin. She came in 1886  He came over in 1893. 
They signed for Hugh when he came to America 1n 1912 they were his sponsors.
And a Cousin James F. McCloy (born around 1877) who was a priest when he came here in 1893 as a Rector in a church in Pennsylvania USA
Shows on 1920 US Census with his Mother  Ellen looks like  born around 1856 she is 64.
Along with his cousin Margaret Mary born in 1888 (likely the same).
Downey was mentioned in family as the Maiden name of Hugh's Mom.
There was also a remembrance of the names Tracy, Driscoll, Mc Mullin 
Can someone help me at all with any information about any of these McCloys  Hugh F McCloy New YorkMy e-mail at home is

Michael McCloy <>
I am seeking descendants of Henry McCloy (1823-1888.) He immigrated from the Lavey area to the USA in 1850. I believe his mother’s maiden name was Ann McPeake. I am on a quest to find out more about him. Any advise, leads or information would be greatly appreciated. All the Best, Michael William McCloy. mwmccloy01@hotmail.comTeresa Hayden <
My Great Grandparents, Neil (1860-1943) and Bridget (1866-1952) McPeake, are buried in the Lavey Parish new graveyard along with other family members.  I assume that my Great Grandparents must have lived in the area of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church and probably attended church there. Their children's names were: Mary, John, Rose (my Grandmother), Patrick, Maggie, Henry, and Frank.  I am wondering if anyone might know anything about them or where they lived  The 1911 Census of Ireland shows the family as residents of a house 1 in Ballymacpeake Upper (Rocktown, Londonderry).   I have a photograph of the house they lived in but I don't know if it still stands I have information that the McPeake's son John took over the house after his parents died.  The farm and homestead then went to Mary, the daughter of John's brother Frank.  I have a cousin who used to write Mary and the address she used was Holly Hill, Magherafelt, Co. Derry. (Unfortunately, my cousin doesn't remember Mary's married name.) 
If anyone knows anything about the Neil and Bridget McPeake Family please contact me at  Thanks so much!
Seeking information on Donnelly McKenna
I am seeking any information with regard to my relative who resided in Gulladuff in Maghera at Drummuck Road in the early 1900’s. my great grandfather name was Henry Donnelly married to Annie McKennna had a son who was my grandfather Patrick Donnelly and a daughter Roseanne Donnelly. As far as I aware Annie McKennna had 2 sister one named Alice and apparently lived at number 19 Drummock Road. Any information would be much appreciated

Please contact Caroline on
Seeking information on Murray/Convery Families

I’m a descendant of William Murray (1841-1901) and Rose Convery (1841-1909) via their son, John J. Murray who emigrated to Buffalo New York circa 1886). (There was also a niece named Rosemary McNamee who died 1972 in Cleveland that would have been my first cousin 2 times removed). I’m the family historian for my father’s family of 10 and I am so happy that my research finally led me to St.Mary’s!
If there is anyone who has stories, photos, or any kind of information. I saw an article about the recent passing of Kathleen “Cassie” Murray – she would have also been my first cousin 2 x removed. Hopefully there are still some people around who remember the families.
Thank you in advance!
Michele Ryan Bewley


(15 May 2017) My wife’s great-great grandparents were JohnCushily/Costello and Mary Farrell, who were married at St. Mary’s Lavey on 18August 1863.   They had 10 known/surviving children: Catherine(1868-?), John (1870-1946), Francis (1872-1946), Roseanne, my wife’s greatgrandmother after whom she was named (1874-1960), Hugh (1876-?), James(1878-?), Mary Jane (1880-1975), Joseph (1882-1969), Bridget (1884-1961) andElizabeth (1889-1963) - all baptized at St. Mary’s. (The Irish civil birthrecords also show two other daughters born in Bellaghy: Mary on 29 Sep 1865 andMary Jane on 16 Jan 1867.  It is believed they both died young.)  Wefound a John and Mary Costello, with Frank, Bridget and Lizzie in Gulladuff onthe 1901 census.  Believe it is thecorrect Costello family.
 Joseph and Francis stayed in Ireland and are buried in St.Mary’s Lavey new graveyard (location 24,11). Catherine, John, Roseanne, Mary Jane, Bridget and Elizabeth immigratedto Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States.   There is also aCostello marker in location 28,24 in the new graveyard which shows Bridget(died 2 Jun 1996), John (died 6 Aug 2010) & Annie (died 6 Jul 2011) -believed to be children of Joseph & Anna Mary (McNally) Costello..  This marker also mentions the Hill family ofPhiladelphia PA.  This would be George& Mary (Costello) Hill.  We believethat this Mary is a sibling of John & Annie and is another daughter ofJoseph & Anna Mary.  However, wewould like to verify that.  Nothing elseis known of James, and Hugh.
 We would like to contact Cushily/Costello descendants stillin the area.  We are looking for additionalinformation on John and Mary, the great great grandparents, (who their parents were and birth, death, burialdates and places) and for more information on Joseph, Francis, James and Hugh.

Doug & Roseanne Scott
Indianapolis, Indiana, US

I am looking for descendants of William Hamphey who married Annie Diamond on 21 October 1895 at Cookstown. Thank you very much.
Kind Regards
Janice Donnelly
New ZealandJanice Donnelly []

O'Neill - Hamill
I have been researching my husbands family history and at the moment can go no further. I wondered if anyone had any information about the family. I have a marriage certificate for his great grandparents on the maternal side. They were married in the Roman Catholic chapel of Lavey in Magherafelt in 1864 by James Doherty. He was William O'Neill aged 17 years residing at what looks like Drumnath and his father was Francis O'Neill. His great grandmother was Elizabeth Hamill aged 21 years and residing at what looks like Drevnan and her father was John Hamill.
The writing isn't too easy to decipher especially the places of residence. I would be grateful if someone may have some information .
The only other information that I have is William O'Neil (O'Neill) his father was called Francis O'Neill and was a farmer and Elizabeth Hamill's father was called John Hamill and was a cottier which I believe was he owned a smallholding. Under rank or profession for both William & Elizabeth they have what looks like servants for both of them. The marriage took place on the 16th November 1864 and they were married by James Doherty . The witnesses were Pat O'Neil and John Mooney. They must have come to England between 1864 and 1867 when their first child was born here. I found out about their life in England but not in Ireland. I have tried everything I know.  I can be contacted by e-mail at
regards Amy Murray


I'm researching my great, great grandfather, John M. Convery (Manas). John was born in 1809; he married Sarah Lagan (born 1827) in 08 SEPT 1853; together they had the following children:

Mary - born 1854; John - born 1855; John - born 1858; Mary - born 1859; Patrick - born 1861; William James - born 1864; Robert Henry - born 1866; and Charles (my great grandfather) (church records have his last name spelled "Confrey") - born 1869. All of the children, with the exception of Robert Henry, were baptised at Lavey Parish. There may be an additional child, Catherine, born to John and Sarah in 1857; however, I have been unable to locate any documentation on Catherine.

John M. Convery and Sarah Lagan Convery are buried together in the Old Cemetery at Lavey Parish. John died on 07 JAN 1881 at age 72; Sarah died on 12 OCT 1873 at age 46. I've been unable to identify the person buried with John and Sarah (a daughter of John); I believe she died on 14 JAN 1889.

Any information on the Convery or Lagan families is very much appreciated; please contact me at Thank you.

Caren Convery Matyckas
HattanI am seeking information about the early life and family of my great-grandmother, Mary Hattan (or Hatton or Hattin - various spellings occur in different documents). Her marriage certificate shows her place of birth as Moyagall, Derry, Ireland, her date of birth 1844-45, and her parents as Patrick Hattin, farmer, and Mary McKeagney. I notice that 19th century and early 20th century records show several people in Moyagall called McHatton, and also McKeagney or McCagney, so I suspect these were related in some way. Neither Mary's birth nor her parents' marriage appears in your published lists, but I understand records from the 1840s are incomplete. Mary migrated to Maryborough, Queensland in 1864, apparently on the Elizabeth Ann Bright from Liverpool via Greenock. There do not appear to have been other family members on board, but notes written by another passenger indicate there were many young single Irish women aboard. I would be very pleased to hear from anyone with information about these families from that time. My email address in . Thank you and best regards Bert Collier Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaBirtI am looking for any information on my great grandfather Patrick Birt who was born in Ballymacpeake in 1839-1840. His father was George Birt and George's occupation is a stone mason. George had died by 1860 when Patick married in Tudhoe Durham England . If anyone has any information I can be reached at
Thank-You-Sally Dillon

Birney McElwee I am looking for any information about my family who came from the area, my great great grandfather Peter Birney (b1855) was baptised in the parish along with a number of his brothers and sisters including John, Patrick and Mary which are listed on this website it is also possible that his brother Hugh was also baptised there as well although I have no records for him as he was born before the records on the website. Their parents were James Birney (born c1821) and Mary McElwee (born c1827) and they lived in Toberhead, I have no record for their marriage which I assume was also in the parish. The family moved to the Newcastle area in the 1860s.   Beyond them I only have really guess work, I have my great uncle saying James Birney's father was named Patrick and is from Ballydermot and that he is the Patrick Birney in the old graveyard but another source saying his father's name was James. I have no information at all on Mary McElwee's family. Any relevant information will be most appreciated, please contact me, Rob Birney, at

James McKee Mary Dougherty
Information needed on descendants of James McKee and Mary Dougherty married 1855 - Son James born 1860 and emigrated to New Zealand 1877 aged 17
Thomas Murphy / Bridget McWilliams, Marriage.Thomas Murphy / Bridget McWilliams, Marriage c1851 I began tracing my Family History in 1998 after retiring but as I live over 100 miles from what remains of our MURPHY family and as both my parents had died there was nothing but my memories of my grandparents on which to proceed Eventually I found the family in the 1871 census of FELLING,HEWORTH, COUNTY DURHAM ; THOMAS 40, BRIDGET 38 JAMES 18,BERNARD 17, EDWARD 15, MARY ANN 14,SARAH 12,SUSAN 6,CHARLES 4,THOMAS 4months. The parents and first five children listed above had been born in IRELAND ,the others at FELLING SHORE. Further investigations showed that a son THOMAS was baptized in the Parish/District of Lavey County Derry 21 July 1860 but died at FELLING SHORE 18 Feb 1869, also a son ANDREW was born 5 Oct 1862 at FELLING SHORE but he died 3 Nov 1863, whioh puts the arrival of the family in ENGLAND c1861. Checking the List of Baptisms during the19th Century on Lavey Parish Co Derry Ireland website I found the following MURPHY entries, JAMES 1852,BERNARD 1853, Edward 1855, MARY ANN 1857, SARAH 1858, THOMAS 1860, and have now obtained CHURCH BAPTISM RECORD CERTIFICATES for all six proving they are issue of THOMAS MURPHY & BRIDGET McWILLIAMS. Unfortunately the List of Marriages during the 19th Century on the Lavey Parish website does not cover the period 1840-1851 when the Marriage of my Gt Gt Grandparents was most likely to have taken place, and so without the names of the fathers of both bride & groom I am unable to go further back into both families. In the 1858 Griffith 's Valuation for BROAGH, Termoneeny Parish a THOMAS MURPHY is renting a House & small garden, also LAND. By 1858 my Gt Gt Grandparents had five ohildren and would require a house of some sort, could this be them? The MURPHY family has followed a THOMAS,JAMES,THOMAS,JAMES- - - -pattern for the first son all through the years for which I have investigated but I do not know about the McWILLIAMS. Although there were many McWILLIAMS families since 1841 on census rolls of COUNTY DURHAM side of the River Tyne I have never managed to connect BRIDGET to one of them.As the children grew up they appear to have married into families who perhaps they knew baok in Ireland , Lannaghan, Morrison, McCloy, Hannah, McAtammney, McMAHON,&Malone Any information or relavent contact welcome, Norman Thomas Murphy,  20 Ingle Head, Fulwood, PRESTON PR2 3NS, LANCS.   

Boyle.From the 1930's to the early fifties Irish language classes took place in Lavey parish.It is my understanding that a regular class took place in Drummuck with Miss Margaret (Maggie ) Boyle as teacher.A number of people attended this class from Mayogall ,Dreenan and Upperlands.I am interested in hearing from anyone who can remember anything about this Irish class and any other Irish classes in the Lavey area.Cassie Murray was a great teacher and promoter of Irish in our parish.Any help much appreciated and you can contact me Micheal Boyle boylemicheal@hotmail.comBritton.

Seeking information on ancestors/descendants of Patrick Britton and Eleanor McNally. They both lived in Lavey Parish. Patrick was from Mayogall and Eleanor from Dreenan. First child Hugh was born 1884 in Mayogall. Family moved to USA around 1886 although child Hugh remained due to illness. Patrick and Eleanor settled in Chicage, Illinois with other children Bridget(Beatrice), Mary, James and Frances.
If you can help then contact Jeff Ganser USA at email address

Seeking information regarding the descendants/ancestors of Daniel Convery (1832 - 1897) who married Ellen Martin (1830 - 1897) in 1854. I have managed to find there grave via the lavey website.. Apparantly Daniel owned a grocery store at one point and also worked on a farm. Also the grave of one of their sons Patrick (b.1870 d.1961) also in this grave is his wife Annie (nee Young) and some of their children. Patrick was my great grandfather. In the grave is Rev Hugh Convery who I'm particularly interested in (d.1989). Hugh also had a few more brothers who are not buried here. One was my grandfather James (1914-1997), and Daniel J. who apparently emmigrated to New Zealand and I would love to find out more about him. We understand that a farm might be involved in the story somewhere. I also have a small amount of information on the McCloys who married into my family just over 100 years ago. I would be very grateful if anyone could give me any information they might have on my Convery branch or even better - news from relatives still living in the area.
I can be contacted at
Many thanks -

Craig Convery (Scotland)
Convery.I am seeking info on the Convery's. My greatgrandfather was Patrick Convery born in 1902 in Derry. His parents were sara (convery) convery{had same maiden name} and patrick convery.There parents names were bridget cassidy and paul convery, jane mcwilliams and patrick convery.My great grandfathers siblings were rose,bridget,jeannie,john,dan,and paul.i know at least 2 came over here to america. Patrick came to live in the chicago il area. He married mary o'brien from county mayo if anyone has any info please email me at
Thank you - chrissy morgan

Genealogy Researcher Looking for any information regarding the following:Edward Donnelly married Eleanor/or Ellen/or Mary Ellen Costello and settled in Drumlamph, Castledawson(?) in 1850 in the parish of Lavey. They had the following children: William John (later became a priest and served in Ardglass, Co. Down) Edward Catherine (married Arthur Brennan) Margaret (married Robert Donnelly) Ellen (married Frank McKeever and settled in Ballymaguigan in the Island Hill area. They had the following children: Annie, Cassie, Maggie, Edward, Isabella, Helena, Elizabeth, Sarah, Josephine)Quite possibly it was the grandfather (name unknown) of the first aforementioned Edward Donnelly that married a Quaker in 1795. Quaker's sir name was "Backus". One other possible scenario is that the aforementioned Eleanor/or Ellen/or Mary Ellen Costello was a Quaker originally from the West, possibly Roscommon, converted to Catholicism when she married Edward Donnelly (who was a traveling draperman) and was brought East to N. Ireland to settle in Drumlamph.Any information regarding the above would be most appreciated. In particular, geographic origin of the Costello or Backus families.
Any information may be forwarded to Rose McNulty (grand-daughter of aforementioned Isabella McKeever(U.S.)) at email:

I am trying to research my family history and wondered if anyone within your parish could help. The above are all names I,(and many others) have come across in our endeavours so far.
We believe the people detailed below are connected, either they’re brothers/sisters or cousins, fathers & sons/daughter, but we can’t find the missing links….
All dates are approximate. Occupations are as they were in England and may not applyThey all lived in North East England, in Co Durham & Newcastle upon Tyne and appear to have moved to England during the 1840’s, possible during the time of the famine.
Patrick Cushlow (Possibly Costello) born app 1834 – Ireland (poss Derry), father was Daniel a farm labourer.
Patrick married twice – 1st wife unknown, 2
nd wife Letitia/Lettisher Costella/o – (previous marriage to John Diamond).
Her father was James Costella/o (an iron worker) married to Sarah.James Cushley b app1840
John Cushla b 1846
Daniel b 1847
Henry b1833 – Dreenan, Ireland
If you have any info, please email or write17 Essex Drive
Tyne & Wear
NE37 2
ND.Thanks for your help
Anne Macdonald - Mrs

Am trying to find anything on a Catherine, Thomas, Patrick Henry, Alice, John, Nicholas Dimond or Diamond. Their father was Thomas and they were from the Derrygarve. Have no details on their mother but she may have been an Ann O'Neill. Appreciate your help.Kathleen email
DonnellyMary Donnelly (born c. 1896; aged 5, 1901 Census, townland of Rocktown). Mary Donnelly is a grand daughter of William Milliken (aged 81, 1901 Census) and I believe her to be a daughter of Mary Milliken (aged 37, 1901 Census) and Donnelly unknown.I am interested in any information relating to this Mary Donnelly.I can be contacted at jameslinda@ntlworld.comI have further information on Milligans, McAtamneys, Converys in South Derry if I can be of help to anyone elseMany thanksJames T M McGuiggan

Haggerty, Mc Allister, Hinfy
Haggerty, Mc Allister, Hinfy Roots in Derry plus a song from Maggie McKeever.My great-grandmother and two sisters and three brothers, [ BORN 1817, 1823, 1827, 1828, 1830, 1833 ] left Ballymaguigan for Philadelphia and Texas in the late 1840s. The three sisters, Jane, Susan and Sarah and brother William Hinfey remained in Texas but John and Charles returned to Philadelphia. Two sisters Ellen [Lavery] and Mary remained in Ireland.I have a file of 26 letters written by various Hinphey,/Hinfey family members to Charles home in Philadelphia between 1862 and 1888. In the file with the letters is also a handwritten poem , possibly the lyrics of a song ] signed Maggie McKeever. I found the McKeever name associated with your web site and wondered if you or your parishioners might have knowledge of her. or the Hinphy Family. They might like a copy of the actual document but I am including a copy of the poem.. Mary Ward Utterback Great grandaughter of Ward and Robinson,- Murphy from Cork,and Hinfey, Haggerty, Mc Allister, Bradley, and Turner from Derry..Handwritten poem included in file of letters in Charles Hinfey’s file. from 1862-1888.Ink faded and paper folded, some words illegible indicated by parentheses.Title illegible1st VerseIn the dim light I have [wandered ] aloneIn the old house of my birthFatherless, motherless [ ----------------------]There’ll be no one to welcome me home.Little I thought on the day I set sailFar away from my friends and my home,That when I return to the land of my birthThere’ll be no one to welcome me home.2nd VerseMy Mother she stood on the Liverpool dockWith her handkerchief up to her eyeAs she watched the large ship as she sailed down the bayAnd she said good bye, good byeMy boy, you are going far away far awayFrom your friends and your homeAnd when you return to the land of your birthThere’ll be no one to welcome you homeThere’ll be no one to welcome me home.3rd VerseThere’s a dear little cot , and it stands on the hillIn dear Ireland far over the sea.There’s a dear little cot, and it stands all aloneAnd it shelters my mother and me.But now I’m a stranger, astraying far awayFar away from my friends and my homeAnd when I returned to the land of my birthThere was no one to welcome me homeChorusThere’ll be no one to welcome me homeThere’ll be no one to welcome me homeAnd when I return to the land of my birthThere’ll be no one to welcome me homeThere’ll be no one to welcome me home

I am researching the Hamill family of Dreenan/Moyagall. My gr-greatgrandmother Rose Ann Hamill came to Philadelphia in 1900 her father William Hamill was a cattle man who lived on the family farm that was then known as Hamill Hill. Today it is known as Causins Hill and located in Dreenan. I don't know Roses mothers first name but her maiden name was Dougherty. Rose was born in1884 and had eight sibblings, five sisters and three brothers. Two of the sisters were Teresa and Sara I have found their baptism records at Lavey Parish. The others are unknown. Roses brothers are said to have followed their father into the cattle business. At some point in the latter 1900s visited a cousin Breige Hamill Morgan in Antrim and she took her to the farm, know one was living there then but I have learned that a Hamill does live on the farm now. I don't know how but in some way the Dillons of the area are also related to the Hamills. I am interested in finding any possible connections, local points of research and any other burial grounds other than Lavey Parish. Thank You and please contact me, Jack Barnes, at subject Hamill, DreenanHenry.Seeking information regarding the family of John and Susan (nee O'Neill) Henry of Gulladuff. John an agricultural labourer who Sub let land from Henry Henry of Dreenan. A son James born/baptised 1839 had at least one brother and two sisters one of whom was called Rose (she witnessed Susan's death certificate in 1882). In particular I'd be interested to hear from anyone who can supply family information that goes back beyond the 1830's.Also I'd be interested to hear from any Mellon/Mellan's of Drumard or Doran's in the area, as it appears most of my paternal ancestors where from the Mayogall area.Mike

Seeking information on descendants of Daniel Murty Higgins and Katherine McAtamney(my great grandparents). I have facts on their son, John Daniel Higgins and wife Sarah McIntyre (my grandparents) who emigrated to the United States and died here in the 1930s. John was born in 1854. We also have some facts on another son, Murty Higgins - born c. 1857. Some of his ancestors still live in Lavey Parish, Co Derry, N. Ireland. A third son, Charles Higgins, was born c. 1856. We know nothing of him and it is possible he may have gone to New Zealand but may still be in Ireland.Any information you can provide on the Descendants and/or Ancestors of Daniel and Katherine will be very much appreciated. We will be very happy to exchange the data we have developed to date.Please email any response to Jim Higgins (USA)

Seeking information on the Hinphey family from the Ballymaguigan and Drumenagh in Ardtrea Parish in 1852. Elizabeth Hinphey married Daniel McCartney there. One of her sons was called Charles.
Email Chris at

My great grandparents were Hugh Kearney & Rose Major. They were married at St Mary's Lavey on 5 / 6 / 1874.Their son, my grandfather Roger Kearney, was born on 27 / 4 /1878 ( these facts were already known to me but are confirmed on this site ).Hugh Kearney's parents were Peter Kearney & Mary Diamond. If anyone knows anything about these families could they please make contact.I would love to hear from you.
Linda Hayden ( née Kearney ) at

Kane/O'Kane Family.
My Kane/O'Kane family lived in Gorteade townland, Maghera Parish, in the
early-mid 1800's.   My great-great-grandfather, Bernard Kane was a tenant
farmer on Mercer Company land in the 1850's and early '60's.  Company
rental records and  the 1859 Griffith's Valuation recorded adjoining farms
were worked by (presumed relatives) John and Patrick Kane; nearby Gorteade
properties were occupied by Anthony Kane, Archibald Kane Jr., and Archibald
Kane Sr.  Bernard's father, Neal, was married to Mary McGee
(nfi).  According to the 1828 Tithe Applotment book a Neal Kane/O'Kane
lived in Gorteade; the 1831 census recorded a Neilly Kane in Gorteade;
these are likely Bernard's father.  Bernard's wife was Mary
McKie/McKay/McCay; her parents believed to be Dominak (sic) and Mary (nee
unknown).  Bernard and Mary's children were baptized in Maghera RC parish
(Neal/Niall/Neil - 17 Sep 1852; James - 12 Apr 1857; Ann - 25 Mar 1859;
Mary Jane - 27 Jan 1861).  Between 1861 and 1863 Bernard and his immediate
family moved to Gateshead-on-Tyne, in northeast England, just across the
Tyne River from Newcastle.  Family lore reports that their son James stayed
behind in Co. Derry, where he died at age 21 (circa 1878).  Any information
on this family, their relatives, descendants or neighbors would be greatly

Tim Kane
Seattle, USA  

Lafferty.My gggrandfather was John Lafferty he arrived in Canada in the early to mid 1830's from Ireland. His birthdate was approx. 1821. he named his first born son James, the next born was Daniel, then William, then Charles, a daughter Catherine, another son John, then a second William as the first had died. He married Catherine Doran in Belleville Ontario Canada on Jan 25 1846 at St Michaels Catholic Church. If you can help then contact Tom Lafferty Belleville, On .Canada

Madden Elizabeth
I would like to post a message about ELIZABETH MADDEN. All I know of her and I am not sure she is the person who was a witness for a marriage in 1880. between PATRICK MCDONNELL AND MARY ANN MURRAY. Then in 1896 she was a sponsor for my mother ANNIE MCDONNELL born in 1896 in Clononey. that is all I know of Elizabeth My grandfather PATRICK MCDONELLwas born about 1857 possibly in BANAGHER.. If anyone can help me please reply to doreen@samford.netThank you Doreen Cahill Brisbane Australia

John McAtamney (-1885), townland of Dreenan, married Ellen Unknown. They had 4 children that I know of Rose Ann (1855-1923), Ellen (1858), Patrick, and Susanna.Ellen (1858) married James Milligan in 1870 (see separate entry on notice board for Milligan/Milliken)Rose Ann (1855) married Michael Convery (1851-1927) of Rocktown in 1872I am particularly interested in any information relating to Patrick and Susanna. Patrick does witness for Rose Ann in 1872 and is still living in Dreenan in 1885.Susanna is still living in Dreenan in 1885.An Annie McAtamney does witness for Ellen in 1870. I am interested in any information relating to this Annie.I am interested in any information relating to the maiden name of John's wife Ellen.I can be contacted at jameslinda@ntlworld.comI have further information on McAtamneys, Milligans, Converys in South Derry if I can be of help to anyone elseMany thanksJames T M McGuiggan

McIntyre.Seeking information on Descendants and/or Ancestors of William McIntyre and Isabella McTimney(sic) (my great grandparents). William was born c.1822 and Isabella c.1823. Both are believed to have been born in Co Derry, N. Ireland. It is quite possible they lived in or near Lavey Parish. They were married c. 1849 in Ireland, again believed to be in the foregoing area. They moved to England where first son, William, was born in 1850 in Jarrow, Co Durham. Isabella died 21 July 1870 in Bill Quay Heworth, Co Durham, England.Any information you can provide on William and Isabella will be very much appreciated. We will be very happy to exchange the data we have developed.Please email any response to Jim Higgins (USA) at: <KNORGYM-DIAMONDSTA@worldnet.att.netMcPeak(e).Seeking relatives and information on Richard McPeak(e) and family who reportedly left this area around 1827 for Canada. Wife's name is not known. Children at the time included Richard, James and Rose Ann. Any information is appreciated. Contact me George McPeak at: grmcpeak@yahoo.comMellon/Convery/Cuskern/Keenan families.' I am so grateful to the wonderful parish website which has enabled me to
trace my maternal great-grandparents and their first two daughters to
Rocktown and Drumard. Patrick Mellon and Bridget Convery married in 1856 at
Lavey, and their daughters, Elleanor and Mary Anne were born locally in 1857
and 1859. They had seven further children in Bill Quay, Tyneside, the
youngest of whom, Sarah Jane Mellon, was my grandmother.

Sarah Jane married John Keenan in 1903. His parents were Michael Keenan and
Jane (nee Cuskern). The Derry genealogy centre cannot trace Michael and Jane
in the local records although we have reason to believe they were also form
the area. Michael died in 1894 aged 55 and although we have not traced
Jane's death, her age in the census leads us to believe her date of birth
would have been between 1835 and 1845.

I would love to have any further information on any members of the family
and I am also wondering why they all seem to have emigrated to industrial
jobs in the north-east of England around 1860. I don't know whether there
was a specific event which made that happen.
Victoria Jones

Please contact me on: if you have any
information. Thank you.'

MooneyI am seeking information regarding the descendants/ancestors of Thomas Mooney. I know the following information. He had at least one son Bernard who married Sarah Crilley (Crilly?) (1832 - 1900) I believe in 1850 in Lavey. Thomas, Bernard, Sarah and their three children, Patrick James, Michael Francis, and Edward J. left Londonderry on the 6th of April 1862 and immigrated to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. On the manifest Thomas and Bernard said they were from Bellaghy, Sarah and the boys said they were from Maghera. I believe the boys were baptized in the Lavey church. Patrick April 19 1852, (I have a hand written baptism certification sign by "Michael O'Neil, Parish Priest, Knockologhrim, Co Derry, March 19, 1919.), Michael March/April 1855 and Edward J. Oct/Nov 1859. (There may have been some other children who were born and died before they left Ireland) I can only assume that Thomas's wife died in Ireland. I would be very grateful for any information on when, where, why she died. Were there any other children other than Bernard? Did any of them stay in Ireland? Does anyone know where the other children may have gone? Is there any information about Thomas? I can be contacted at I very much appreciate any help I receive - Bob Mac Dougall (Winnipeg Canada)

Interested in this family from the townland of Rocktown. George Milligan (wife unknown) had at least 4 children - James, William (1820), Mary (1835-1913), Jane (1845).James (died between 1891 and 1901) married Ellen McAtamney (1858) in 1870 and they had at least 9 children - George (1872-1941), John (Johnnie) (1874), Jane 1876-1957), James (1877), Mary Ellen (1879-1956), Patrick Joseph (1882), Roseanna (1885-1959), William (1888-1962), Hugh (Fr.) (1891-1952). I am particularly interested to know what happened to John (Johnnie), James and Patrick Joseph above and I believe they may have emigrated to America.William (1820) married Margaret Walsh and they had at least 9 children - George (1862), Mary (1864), James (1865-1866), Ellen (1866-1866), Henry (1868), James (1869), William (1873), Margaret Ann (1875), Ellen (1877-1952). I know very little about these children of William and Margaret.Mary (1835) married John Walls of Rosgarren and they had at least 8 children - Mary Ann, James (1861-1930)), Ellen 1864, Catherine (1866), Henry (1869-1950), Edward (1871), Eliza Jane (1873), John (1876).Jane married John O'Donnell of Gortgill, Co. Antrim, moved to Gortgill, and they had 6 children. A daughter Jane O'Donnell (1881) married a McCann? and this family is believed to have emigrated to NZ.I can be contacted at jameslinda@ntlworld.comI have further information on Milligans, McAtamneys, Converys in South Derry if I can be of help to anyone elseMany thanksJames T M McGuigganMulhollandMy Name is Michael Mulholland from Masterton, New Zealand my Grandfather Bernard James /Barnet/ Mulholland was born in Belfast in 1860 to parents Alexander Mulholland and Margeret Hastings.Bernard came to N Z in 1878 and had a large family, Bernard Died in 1931 My request is, if anybody knows of any body with a work in progress that is inclusive of the Mulholland family tree(s). It is possible Alexander and Margaret both died in County Antrim. If anyone can help then email me at

Searching for information on Arthur Shivers who married Bridget Scullion in Lavey Parish 1852. I guess they were related to John Scullion and Michael, Elizabeth and Bridget Shivers who were sponsors at the baptisms of Arthur and Bridget's first 3 children: Mary, Robert and Catherine. After the birth of Catherine, Arthur and Bridget (leaving behind the first 2 children) sailed for Western Australia - where the Shivers name lives on. Please contact me, Russell Hamilton, if you have any relevant Shivers information at email address

Seeking information on the Watson family who are related to the New Zealand Watsons. They were my father's Grandparents. He visited them in Culnady after the war. Cousin Lizzie used to run the Post Office after the war. We have photos of a boy called 'wee Clive' pictured with an elderly man called 'Uncle Jimmy'.
Anybody who could help us contact the Watsons of Culnady would be welcome to email me at Susan Reid kerikeri New Zealand Telephone 094079775 New Zealand.




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