Dreenan School Memories

I spent seven very happy years at Dreenan Primary; firstly taught, by the late Mrs. McErlane and secondly Mrs Diamond.
In my first year at primary school I sat beside Jacinta Duggan and Geraldine Diamond, who were a few years older than myself. Jacinta took me under her wing until I made friends with pupils of my own age, mainly the Henry children,
Mrs McErlane was a `motherly` teacher who treated every pupil the same. I can remember her bringing sweets to school as a treat for us all.
At the age of eight, I moved into the Principal, Mrs Diamond’s classroom, where her daughter Margaret befriended me. Mrs Diamond prepared three other pupils and myself for the `eleven plus`. It was a great honour to Mrs Diamond that year because all four pupils passed the `eleven plus` with grade `A`s.
Dreenan Primary, closed its doors that June, and all remaining pupils transferred to St. Brigid’s primary school in Mayogall.
I can look back with fond memories of my days spent at this small Primary School known as DREENAN.